Easyboot New Trail

Easyboot New Trail

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Delivery (on stock) 1-2 working days
Delivery (not on stock) approx 7-10 working days

It is strongly advised to fit hoof boots with experts (bootfitter, equine podiatrist, vet, or farrier)

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Easyboot New Trail

We would recommend the Easyboot New Trail if you want to transition your horse from shoeing to barefoot. The tread of the sole is very resistant and protects the hooves against sharp objects. This boot is also ideal for “problem hooves” (asymmetric hooves, different inclinations of the hoof walls, high heels…)

The nylon strap fixed to the rear of the boot with two screws and can easily be removed o replaced.

The New Trail is easy to put on and get off. No tools are necessary.

Measurements and sizing:
No more than 8 days should have passed since the last trimming.

Do you need help to find the right size?
Just send us photos and the form and we will help you to find the correct size.

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