Equine Fusion Ultra (Only as a pair)

Equine Fusion Ultra (Only as a pair)


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Delivery (on stock) 1-2 working days
Delivery (not on stock) approx 7-10 working days

It is strongly advised to fit hoof boots with experts (bootfitter, equine podiatrist, vet, or farrier)

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Equine Fusion All Terrain Ultra 

We are very confident that the All Terrain Ultra will be able to offer hoof boots to a much wider range of horses, and with this give you the freedom to choose a jogging shoe that fits your horse.
The All Terrain Ultra model will considerably improve the following in demanding applications:

• Twisting of hoof boot (for horses with natural twisting movement)
• Proper fit on upper part of hoof (for horses with odd shaped hooves)
• Run/twist out of hoof boot (the locking system keeps the shoe on)
• Rubbing (the soft upper will be good to sensitive areas)
• Breathable material (for rehabilitation purposes)

This boots are having the same sole (size) like the jogging shoe Equine Fusion All Terrain.

Suitable for: Transition from shoeing to hoof boots, very damaged soles of the hooves, as your horse´s first hoof boot.

Measurements and sizing:
No more than 8 days should have passed since the last trimming.

Do you need help to find the right size?
Just send us photos and the form and we will help you to find the correct size.

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