Evohorse Evo Boot 1.0 Premium

Evohorse Evo Boot 1.0 Premium


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It is strongly advised to fit hoof boots with experts (bootfitter, equine podiatrist, vet, or farrier)

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The Evo Boot 1.0 is one of the most awesome hoofboots

EVOBOOT 1.0 is the result of professional product development combined with Endurance riding experience that allows riders to apply a hoofboot easily on different hoof shapes. It can also be heated and assembled by yourself easily!

  • very low weight

  • fits like a second skin

  • promoting the hoof mechanism in 4 dimensions

  • great grip on different terrain

  • very flexible shield and sole = natural feeling

The EVO BOOT is an extremely intelligent hoofboot promoting the hoof mechanism like no other model. You may have heard this a couple of times before but this boot is really doing it. It’s not only supporting the hoof sole – it’s flexibel horizontally as well as vertically. Just like the heels and bulbs of a barefoot horse. And when we say promoting the hoof mechanism we are not only talking about the boot shell. Also the bulb shield is extremely flexibel and can spread horizontal and vertical. Exactly as the hoof does in motion and not all hooves and bulbs have a symmetrical shape.

EVOBOOT 1.0 can be used for Endurance riding as well as for pleasure riding. Without the bulb shield the shell can also be used a Glue-On shoe! There are a lot of options for professionals to adapt the EVO BOOT to many hoof situations.

This video will give you a very good impression of EVO BOOT’s great features!

Measurements and sizing:
No more than 8 days should have passed since the last trimming.

Do you need help to find the right size?
Just send us photos and the form and we will help you to find the correct size.

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