Scoot Boot (Only as a pair)

Scoot Boot (Only as a pair)


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Delivery (on stock) 1-2 working days
Delivery (not on stock) approx 7-10 working days

It is strongly advised to fit hoof boots with experts (bootfitter, equine podiatrist, vet, or farrier)

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Scoot Boot

The Scoot Boots are constructed of a very strong thermo plastic urethane.

  • Easy on easy off

  • Will not get soggy, heavy or wet when riding through muddy and wet terrain

  • Superb strength over all types of terrain

  • Superior traction

  • No cables or Velcro

  • Lightweight — only 250g

  • Great ventilation and breathability for hot climate riding

  • Excellent drainage

  • Easy to clean

  • Will fit hooves securely throughout a trimming cycle

  • no adjustment is required as the boot is secured by parts of the hoof that do not grow.

Measurements and sizing:
No more than 8 days should have passed since the last trimming.

Do you need help to find the right size?
Just send us photos and the form and we will help you to find the correct size.

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